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Wuhan City, People's Republic Of China

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Geographical location:

The People's Republic of China is situated in the South-East of Asia, its western part is bordered by the Pacific Ocean. Chinese territory is about 9 596 960 (China is the fourth largest territory in the world after Russia, the USA and Canada). The length of its land border without islands is 18000 km. Its territory from the East (the confluence of the Heilongjiang and Otulissa) to the West (the Pamir plateau)is about 5200 km, and from the North to the South it is 5500 km from the Heilongjiang river near the town of Mohe to the reef Czermanski in the southernmost tip of the archipelago Tanisha.

Additional information:

More than 10 220 000 citizens

Wuhan City covers an area of 8 494.00 sq. km

Populationdensity is 1 203.20 people per

Time zone of the City: UTC+8

Telephone code : +86 27


People started to live in the area more than 3000 years ago.Wuhan, situated in the confluence of the rivers Han and Yangtze, became an important port. In the 3d century there were built the walls for protection of Hanyang and Wuchang. This event is considered to be the date of the creation ofWuhan.

On the right side of the river Yangtze they built the Yellow Crane Tower. The city was considered to be the center of Arts (especially poetry) and Sciences. During the Mongolian ruler of the Yuan dynastyWuhan was given a status of the capital of the province of Huguang, which covered the territory of modern Hubei and Hunan.

Approximately 300 years ago Hankow became one of the fourth leading trade cities of the country.


Wuhan attracts more and more investment. For example, about 50 French investment companies have contributed more than a third of their assets in China's economy.

Education and Culture:

On the territory of Wuhanthere are 14 public and 8 national universities and colleges. Their Mother tongue is the South-Western dialect of the Chinese language.

Also, there is mixture of the dialects of the South Chinese settlement. Wuhandialect could be the ideal base for a standard Chinese dialect. However, today Putonghua is based on the Beijing dialect.

Places of interest

The Yellow Crane Tower

The Yellow Crane Tower is a symbol of Wuhan, one of the third biggest Towers on the South of China. The main building’s length is about 51,4 m. The Tower is famous for its ancient history and culture.
Cinchuange Tower

Cinchuange is located on the North Bank of the Yangtze River on the Eastern Guishan mountain slope. Cinchuange and the Yellow crane tower are divided by the river. Standing on opposite coasts, these two towers are different from each other. ТеремЦинчуаньгэ was built during the reign of the Minsk Emperor Jiajing in memory of Daye who subduedthe river flood by removing the channel.

Lake Donghu

The largest lake in China within the city frame is located in an urban area between the inner ring and the Central ring of Wuhan. Its length is about 33 sq. km. It is a clean lake with winding shores which are called99 convolutions. The whole scenic area is divided into six zones: Tinto, Moshang, Loan, bayma, Lohan and Cuidi. It’s a well- known place across the globe.

Masani (mountain Mushroom).

It is located on the territory of the Donghu area.Lake Donghu is surrounded by mountains in the East, West and North . Mountain Moshan isapproximately 2200 m from East to West, andfrom South to North it is for about 500 m. They have six peaks. The highest peak of the Dongfeng seems like a stone mushroom, hence the name of the mountains.

The Hubei Museum.

It is located near the Donghu. It is in Hubei province center for collecting, archeology, researching, historical exhibits and revolutionary relics. There are about 200 000 exhibits. Unique archaeological findings are the following: a musical instrument of bells belonging to Csango and a bronze sword of the Prince of the Kingdom of Yue Hossana which drew the attention of the world.

Cooperation between sister-cities:

The agreement on friendship, exchanges and cooperation between the cities of Izhevsk (Udmurtia, Russia) and Wuhan (China) was signed on June 15, 2016.

The main directions of cooperation:

- Science and Technology,

- Culture

- Education

- Tourism

- Trade and economy

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